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Why Join Beta Chi Theta?

Note: this article is mainly about the benefits about joining Beta Chi Theta compared to other Greek organizations. If you’re more interested in finding out why you should join a fraternity at all, take a look at our Discover Why with Beta Chi series which will hopefully answer many of your questions.

Making the decision to join Greek Life opens up many doors and opportunities. Sometimes, it is confusing to find the “right” fraternity for you.

Beta Chi Theta is built upon the pillars of Brotherhood, Tradition, South Asian Awareness, Nationwide Network, Service to Humanity, and Academic Excellence.

These values are what set us apart and are the foundation upon which we stand, diligently molding our gentlemen into the leaders of tomorrow In addition to our grand pillars, Beta Chi Theta holds a unique advantage amongst all Greek organizations:

Leadership Through Immediate Immersion

Most chapters of Beta Chi Theta are small compared to most fraternities. However, we see this characteristic as a vital strength rather than a weakness. While most fraternities have a waiting period for leadership roles, Brothers of Beta Chi Theta are given the chance to lead either through a committee or on the executive board soon after crossing. In Beta Chi Theta – you will lead from Day One.

Fraternity Career Advancement

Our organizational structure allows top talent to progress into National Director or National Board Positions in their early to mid twenties. Imagine having the chance to lead a national organization at such a young age. This means you will effectively be the CEO, CFO or a Senior Vice President before you turn 30. You get that chance with Beta Chi Theta.

Quality over Quantity

Beta Chi Theta is not interested in the accumulation of members, but rather the quality of our membership. We seek the most intellectual, well-rounded, and charismatic individuals that our nation’s universities have to offer.

Proactive Innovation

Since our inception in 1999, we have constantly innovated. We were the youngest fraternity and first South Asian Fraternity to become part of the prestigious North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC). Rather than reinventing the wheel, we are able to see what has worked for the fraternal system and choose the best practices. Our leaders are strategic visionaries, constantly improving our infrastructure and developing leaders through proven processes.

Create Your Legacy

As an entrant into our young brotherhood you have the extremely rare opportunity to create a lasting legacy by creating new traditions. This opportunity is much smaller in larger fraternities where hundreds of years of traditions have been cemented. Beta Chi Theta encourages its active members to create new traditions of excellence.