Omega Chapter

In the spring of 1999, eight young men had a vision to create a Social Fraternity in California steeped in South Asian culture. The inspiration for Beta Chi Theta was the embodiment of the bond of Brotherhood those eight shared with one another. Months of diligent, dedicated, and passionate efforts laid the groundwork for Beta Chi Theta, most notably the six pillars upon which this grand fraternity proudly stands. Built upon the keystone of Brotherhood, the other five pillars of this fraternity are Tradition, Service to Humanity, South Asian Awareness, Academic Excellence, and a unified Nationwide Network.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham is home to one of the most diverse campuses across the nation. In the Fall of 2011, seven young men came together to create Alabama’s first and largest South Asian interest fraternity. In the first two semesters on campus, Beta Chi Theta was granted the honor of highest Greek cumulative GPA; by the third semester, we donated over $1,500 to the American Heart Association. In just five years, our organization drew together over 70 members and raised over $10,000 for charity all while maintaining academic excellence.

Regardless of recognition, our fraternity persistently contributes towards the betterment of the Birmingham community. It is by uploading our six pillars that we have made an indelible impression on the lives of so many students. By creating lifelong brotherhood bonds, every member inherently strives to help each other in overcoming adversity and celebrating achievements. Beta Chi Theta instills virtuous principles in students during such a delicate and pivotal period of growth. We firmly believe that Beta Chi Thetas pillars strongly correlate to the core values of many UAB students and that this compatibility will be the key to our continued success on campus.

Harsh Patel
Beta Chi Theta, Omega Chapter – President

Omega Chapter Founders:


Saad Ahmed
Raj Dolia
Zoheb Jiwani
Akshay Mentreddy
Nilay Modi
Hamad Nawaz
Jamine Patel



Our Pillars

Brotherhood, the main principle on which Beta Chi Theta stands, has allowed seemingly different individuals to unite as one for a single cause. Carrying out tradition, providing service to humanity, promoting South Asian awareness, striving for academic excellence, and creating a nationwide network are the other five principles upheld by our grand fraternity that molds our gentlemen into passionate, successful, and responsible leaders.

These principles are the unifying factors that tie every brother across the United States together and form the foundation of beliefs that characterize our gentlemen. Beta Chi Theta represents the means by which students of any ethnicity, socioeconomic class, or geographic location may come together and form a bond of brotherhood that lasts a lifetime while embracing the South Asian culture that our beliefs support. Listed below are short summaries of each of our pillars. We hope these summaries help to understand what Beta Chi Theta is all about.


Every effort of Beta Chi Theta is made to strengthen the bond of Brotherhood shared among our members. Brotherhood is the lifeblood that connects the hearts and souls of each of our members and is unmatched by any other Fraternity, period. Our Brotherhood is a tenacious bond based on intangible and invaluable principles that go beyond friendship. This bond is something that lasts for a lifetime and can never be diminished.

Our Brotherhood is a singularity, which transcends all ideological, economical, religious and cultural differences and overlooks trivial dissidence and other vices. It is incomparable to anything else – to know of it is one thing, but to experience it firsthand is something that words cannot fully describe. Brotherhood means more than making a new friend – in Beta Chi Theta, Brotherhood means family. As a family, we offer unconditional assistance to one another in times of need, regardless of the circumstance and without consideration of the personal cost. Brotherhood is the quintessence of this Fraternity that is solidified into our foundation every day by every Brother and is echoed through our motto,
“Above all else, Brotherhood.”


Beta Chi Theta’s traditions are what link each brother from class to class and from chapter to chapter, further reinforcing the kindred spirit each of us share. These traditions and rituals will continue to connect each new pledge class with even the oldest brothers, spanning generations as our fraternity expands into the future. While Beta Chi Theta is constantly innovating and reinventing itself, we maintain the rich traditions that have developed and maintained this Grand Fraternity and esteemed Brotherhood. Tradition helps us stay close to our values and is the underlying cause for our growth and success. We consistently look for new ideas while still paying homage and respect to our past. This tradition of excellence has made Beta Chi Theta what it is today.

Service to Humanity

Although Beta Chi Theta is labeled as a “Social” fraternity, the Brothers of Beta Chi Theta firmly believe in the principle of service to humanity, a humbling principle that makes every brother aware of the blessings they have and the responsibility to help the less fortunate. While it is unfortunate that we live in a world where underprivileged people experience the hardships of everyday life, this principle makes every brother aware of the difficulties faced by so many. By seeing these situations around us, a brother of Beta Chi Theta can help those around him. The average fraternity member participates in approximately 10 hours of service a year, while the brothers of Beta Chi Theta exceed this amount by participating in a minimum of 20 service hours per year.

To this date, Beta Chi Theta has tens of thousands of documented hours of community service all over the country. Beta Chi Theta has participated in and organized some of the most innovative service events such as Beating Heart Disease Week, Hoops 4 Hopes, Quarters Against Cancer, Boys and Girls Club, Convalescent Homes, and many more. Working together on such events not only benefits worthy causes, but also fosters personal growth and greater unity among brothers. As time progresses and brothers get more creative as service directors, our helping hand will be able to stretch farther then ever imagined.

South Asian Awareness

In an era where South Asians are a recognized minority in the United States, Beta Chi Theta has sought to make individuals more conscious of the culture and heritage of this region. By raising this consciousness, the future of the culture is preserved for future generations. While Beta Chi Theta is based as a South Asian interest fraternity, our Brotherhood is abundant with diversity. The fraternity boasts brothers from every ethnicity, religion, and background including but not limited to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America.

Beta Chi Theta celebrates and encourages this variety because it establishes a deep respect for humanity. The shared interest in South Asian culture is what brings our members together. This is what motivates them to educate and inform others to help them become more aware of the cultural richness of South Asia. Beta Chi Theta’s chapters/colonies hold South Asian Awareness Week on their respective campuses to advance knowledge and involvement in South Asian culture. In addition, many brothers hold memberships in various South Asian organizations and other key cultural groups on campus.

Academic Excellence

The eight founding fathers saw within their vision to expand to some of the most prestigious schools with the most intelligent and intuitive gentlemen. Our Brothers are well prepared to enter the professional world well before they graduate, which is a testament to the level of academic accomplishment that is instilled in all of our gentlemen. Academics are the number one priority for our members, and we pride ourselves in this fact. Our brothers are able to successfully achieve their professional aspirations. Our chapters maintain among the highest GPA’s at their host institutions, as well as actively participate and organize educational programs for themselves as well as the local community.

Nationwide Network

The Gentleman of Beta Chi Theta belong to some of the most prestigious universities and corporations all over the world. From coast to coast, you will always be in contact range with Brothers across the country. This network gives you a favorable advantage in diverse areas including the job market, business endeavors, the local community, and higher education pursuits. With a network that is growing every year, more and more opportunities unfold in the midst of our organization. This extensive network has already aided hundreds of brothers in pursuing their professional aspirations and in becoming leaders in their community. Beta Chi Theta has an active alumni program that ensures that our alumni are still active within the fraternity, opening up opportunities for career mentoring and networking.